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As everyone in this world, I listened to the new Avicii album. As I heard the trumpets in « Hey Brother », I instantly heard the trumpets from Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin « Once There Was a Hushpuppy » from the BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD soundtrack (one of my latest favourite movie this year) . Then I compared the two tracks and I discovered: both tracks are in the same key (!) , and some of the harmonies are the same in the two tracks. With a few edits on the Avicii track you could easely re-create the trumpets from Dan Romer’s track. Coincidence, accident, luck, plagiarism? Tell me, Avicii.

Listen carefully to « Avicii – Hey Brother » and check the trumpets from 1:34 till 2:20


Now listen to the trumpets from « Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin – Once There Was a Hushpuppy » at 1:20 till 2:11

What do you think?


  1. When i heard « hushpuppy » now for the first time in my live i instantly thought of Arcade Fires « Intervention », there are some similarities, too, i think

  2. I mean, you do realize, that what he does is pull things from other songs, to create a new one right? That’s what DJ’s do such as mashups and mixes. And chances are, like any other DJ, he got permission to pull it, from them. Because again. That’s what they do. Take the guy who created the song « Ice » for example. He used the beginning of « under pressure », with zero difference between the two, simply because it cost too much to take and put in his song. In the end getting sued for plagiarism cost him even more. Simply for idiotic reasons. More well known Dj’s such as Avicii, wouldn’t be too quick to blow it with such a consequential move. And being a trumpet player myself, I must say although they sound alike, there are differences in articulation and dynamics. And you also stated they are in the same key. However, they are not. It does sound like they’re on the same chords though. Which on chords, really you’re limited to the notes, you can create. Their rhythms are different. It could just be an honest coincidence.
    However that’s just my opinion. My factual opinion.

  3. i am a trumpet player as well and i have to say that Jesse Smile is right maybe if you play th second one a bit faster but then it’s only the articulation will be the same not the rest

  4. Do you realize, key is going to be the same with many songs, the trumpet is in the key of Bb, and, so what if its the same? Avicii has permission to remix stuff. And no this is not even a remix. He and a couple other people made it.

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