I am a huge fan of the « boot of the day » page on facebook. one day, one mashup. and sometimes the selectors that are invited make very cool mashup choices. like ComaR, those two passed weeks. here is his complete mashup selection, with all the download links you need. you’ll find some nice gems in it.

The Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without a Cause

The Freelance Hellraiser – A Stroke of Genie-Us (The Strokes Vs Christina Aguilera)

Soundhog – Knees Up Look Sharp (Dizee Rascal Vs Chas & Dave)

DVDA – In the Jungle With Baloo (50 Cent Vs The Jungle Book)

Earworm – No-One Takes Your Freedom (Aretha Franklin Vs George Michael)

DJ John – Thunderstruck Your Body (AC/DC Vs Les Rhythmes Digitales)

Arty Fufkin – Crazy Logic (Supertramp Vs Gnarls Barkley)

Irn Mnky – J.C.R.E.A.M (Johnny Cash Vs Wu Tang Clan)

Audio Shrapnel – Super Soulja

Team9 – The Money Song

Lenlow – To The Taxmobile (The Beatles Vs Batman Theme)

dj BC – Hey Ladies Night

Torero BP – Gonna Make Betty Sweat (Ram Jam Vs C&C Music Factory)

Girls On Top – I Wanna Dance With Numbers (Whitney Houston Vs Kraftwerk)

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