everybody knows that martin solveig vs. dragonette track: « hello » . a few month ago, martin solveig decided to make a remix contest out of it and the stems were available on the net. I didn’t hear any remix yet, BUT the are tons of mashup from that track wich came out… here are a few ones, the good ones. and of course I also did something, a mashup-remix from the great michmash mashup with the french rock band telephone vs. the « hello » track. hello mashups from mighty mike, fissunix, krazyben, amoraboy and michmash. and me.

mighty mike had this rolling stones idea:

oh my god, mighty mike again using a johnny halliday track:

fissunix kisses martin solveig and dragonette:

amoraboy mixes depeche mode with it:

krazyben makes a megamash out of it, taking barbra streisand and partyben with him:

dj jasper weeda had this idea with peter fox (haus am see):

and finally michmash with that awesome a+b idea using telephone, the french 80s rock band:

and that’s what I made out of it (also if it sounds like dj’s from mars, it’s my work, haha):

oh, you want a good remix? here’s a very nice disco remix from rhythm scholar (thanks to tobi for the info):

and if you want some more remixes (some are downloadable too), just take a look at what happens when you type « hello martin solveig » on soundcloud: about 500+ remixes and mashups. good ones, bad ones, very bad ones and really ear-offenders! have fun, here’s the link.

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