there was a time when a guest list was a simple thing – you knew someone who knew someone, your name was down, you were coming in. now there’s a whole array of guestlists – the registered guestlist, discount guestlist, ticketed guestlist, membership guestlist, guestlists by age group, guestlist for people born in Munich (probably, haha…), guestlists for a fiver – all this so that every one feels like they are special enough to get their name on that clipboard. one London club has even gone so far as to be ‘guestlist only’ – which means only if you have emailed your name beforehand can you have the pleasure of queuing round the block for an hour and a half in the rain and then paying an exorbitant entrance fee. this, of course, totally defeats the purpose of a guestlist. it’s not supposed to have mass accessibility, it’s meant to be just the select few waltzing past the shivering masses and feeling like they’re better than everyone else. that’s just the way it is. and I am not a fan of guest lists. probably because I don’t look good enough for the bouncer, ha.

what is your primary motivation to be on a guestlist? to show off with your friends in front of other people? to be certain to enter the club? to avoid the queue? to feel like a VIP? to say « I am a friend of the DJ » in front of the bouncer and your friends? or is it really because you want to save some money? wich is a very poor statement – clubs in munich have an entry fee between 5 and 10 euro, wich is relatively human if you ask me (because I know you guys, after a while you will spend all the rest of your money at the bar for expensive drinks -so what) .
but anyway, if you still want to feel like a star, here are a few advices to have no problems anymore to get on the guestlist and have that nice kick in the evening… pfff.

#1 check online. check the website of your favorite club. they might have a place to sign up to receive their newsletter with info about guestlists and other discounts. some websites have a direct link to put your name on the list for a particular event.

#2 if the club you want to go to doesn’t have a website or the info listed above, find out who’s promoting the party you want to attend. promoters often have their own websites and/or email lists that include info about lists.

# 3 arrive early. this may not be the trendy thing to do, but if you arrive early you can usually save yourself the hassle of having a bouncer tell you there is no list or you need a special color wristband or whatever the excuse of the moment happens to be. a lot of bouncers get off giving you a hard time especially if you’re a guy. don’t give them the opportunity.

# 4 look out for open bar or drink specials. typically early in the evening there will be an hour of open bar or cheap drinks. get there early and take advantage. once you’ve had a few drinks all the music sounds good!

and finally
# 5 don’t ask me to put you on a guestlist. because I won’t. I have a few reason for that: I don’t want to argue with the promoter saying « you have to much people on your list ». I also don’t want to argue with my friends saying « why have you put X and Y but not me ». equality for everyone. so if you want to come, just come. and party. and say « hello ». I may have a chat with you, and I may invite you for a drink. of course, why not.

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